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We are very pleased with the work that Commercial Render provided us with. During the assignment they kept communication open, demonstrated thought, and provided us with excellent final product. They work fast and really understand our needs. We were amazed with their model building skills and beautiful, realistic renderings. Overall, they far exceeded our expectations. Great job! We would certainly work with them again!

Marta, Mango Designs


Fantastic work and a pleasure to work with and understood every detail that was asked of him, will use for future work, great job!

Mr Kim Grant, Owner/President F.C. Takoradi


As always with Commercial Render, very quickly and easily worked project. Can’t give anything but the highest recommendations.

Andreas E.


Provided great work, delivered before deadline. I would usrecommend for visualizations.



My client asked for extra work to be done in the same timeframe, Commercial Render came through for me, and did a great job!

Nathaniel Mackenzie

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